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Thread: Project for college what to choose?

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    Project for college what to choose?

    Hi guys,

    Next semester we have a project to complete which is top secret so I don't have the details yet but from the snippets we've been given it seems we have to choose a field of photography and submit an unknown number of photographs. There has to be a theme so the work of someone or travels around Scotland for instance. Macro could be another option along with portraiture.

    Landscape photography is something I have almost no experience of so that's probably out. I have almost no experience in many of the fields apart from portraiture so I'm definitely leaning toward that.

    What I am not keen on though is being reliant on make up artists, models etc as in the short time I've been at college we have completed two projects replicating a famous photo. The models have cancelled on both occasions and it's got a bit frantic. I was therefore I was thinking of photographing babies. I've not much experience in this either but have now got studio lights at home and could introduce props etc to make my images more interesting.

    What main difficulties would I face? Posing kids or keeping the images interesting?

    What do you think?
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    Re: Project for college what to choose?

    Babies are hard... trust me...

    Why not a street portrait session?

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