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Thread: Curborough Sprint

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    Curborough Sprint

    Went the other day as a mate hired it out. Didnt take either of mine on as i dont want to fuk them before i sell them. Any way my DSLR packed up as soon as i got there so only took a couple of crappy phone pics.

    390bhp 180SX... it went very well...loads of passenger rides with him aswell.

    Wicked Nissan Laurel with basically a Skyline motor...sounderd awsome.

    Lee's P1 with 340bhp and 340lbft.....OMG how fast. Loads of mods including 8 pot brakes bu needed coilovers as it was lurching in the bends.

    Nice Westfield Zetec that came all the way from Huddersfield. Hadnt been driven in 9 months and the owner decided to give it some welli straight off the trailer resulting in the botton end letting go after 2 laps...about 50 seconds in total. Bit of bell end.

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    Re: Curborough Sprint

    Looked like a good day,

    Am I right in thinking that Curborugh is a very small track?

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    Re: Curborough Sprint

    Yes mate just a sprint track that take about 30 to do. We were doing a sighting lap then 2 timed laps then finish. Good for handling though and with it costing £500 for the whole day its cheap if you have a few of you. Getting up to 100mph on the straight.

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