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Thread: Alpine X305 Stereo & Bluetooth - For Sale

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    Alpine X305 Stereo & Bluetooth - For Sale

    In perfect condition with no marks...

    comes complete with the box, instructions, all leads including the full speed iPod/iPhone cable

    This unit also charges the iPhone/iPod whilst connected..

    Product photo, ask for actual one..

    Info from Alpine IDA-X305 Tuner with Full iPOD Control TFT Display

    If you’ve been waiting for an Alpine head unit that you can control just like your iPod, this is it. Menus that are navigable exactly like the iPod. All search options just like the iPod, ability to view album art as you would on the iPod and fast song selection as quick as the iPod.

    Connect your iPod or iPhone to the iDA-X305 via a dedicated USB input, for the quickest access to your iPod. Why bother with individual CD’s when you can easily browse through your entire iPod collection? (This deck has no CD mechanism)

    The bright 2.2" high-resolution screen provides clear text and crisp, full colour images and menus. The display uses the same TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) technology as do most LCD screens generally found on laptop computers. This makes text cleaner, reliable and easier to read.

    Late generation (colour screen) iPods and iPhones link directly to the iDA-X305 via a direct high-speed USB connection. Unlike previous solutions, which relied on an analogue interface cable or adapter box, the iDA-X305’s pure digital USB connection provides fast data transfer, quick command response and superior iPod sound. It provides full digital audio using a 24-bit Burr Brown DAC and has a built-in 50 Watt x 4 amplifier and 3 pre-outs.


    * USB/iPod/iPhone Control Receiver (NO CD Mechanism)
    * USB Connection for iPod/iPhone (all colour screen iPod models)
    * USB Capability for Music File Playback (MP3/WMA/AAC)
    * Full Speed Connection for early G2-G4 iPods (requires KCE-433iV)
    * Art Work Display for iPod/iPhone
    * 24-Bit DAC
    * ID3 Tag Information Display
    * ID3Tag index search for USB media
    * MP3 / CD Changer Control
    * IMPRINT Ready

    Power Specifications

    * 50W x 4 High Power Amplifier
    * 3 Preouts with Subwoofer Level Control

    Display Performance

    * TFT Colour Display
    * Dual Illumination (Blue/Red)


    * Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready
    * Vehicle Display Interface Ready
    * Ai-NET CD Changer Control
    * Bluetooth Ready (requires KCE-350BT)
    * IMPRINT Ready (requires PXA-H100)
    * AUX-IN (requires KCE-236

    Other Highlights

    * MaxTune RDS Tuner
    * Advanced User Interface with center Single SEARCH/ ENTER Key
    * Remote Control Ready (optional)
    * ISO Connector
    * Detachable Face Plate

    iPod Compatibility

    Full control and charging for:

    * iPod 5G
    * iPod nano 1G - 4G
    * iPod classic
    * iPod touch 1G and 2G
    * iPhone and 3G iPhone

    £200 ono

    also for sale is the Alpine bluetooth KCE400bt unit


    Buy both for £250

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    crusing about

    Re: Alpine X305 Stereo & Bluetooth - For Sale

    you upgrading then ???

  3. Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Alpine X305 Stereo & Bluetooth - For Sale


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