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Thread: My not so VW project

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    Oct 2011

    My not so VW project

    well i thought i would post my french tin box on here some of it is abit of copy and paste and might not make any sense as it from the AXOC

    day 1 picked the ol girl up from a AXOC before work a couple of months ago, having never driven a VTS AX before, let alone a petrol car for about 2 years so it took some getting use to and i must say its gets a thumbs up from me.

    so as we had a couple of hours break in the weather i thought id crack on but didn't last long before the rain came back :evil:


    thought id give the inside a good clean as iam abit OCD (blame Detailing world haha), so all the seats,carpets will get the wet and dry Vax on them and the rest of plastics will be treated.

    all the 6x9 speaker wires,sub wiring will be removed

    along with a quick inspection of the floor for rust etc... which was clean as a whistle other then slightly damp underlay stuff on the passenger side.

    then i started to look for what i could do under the bonnet:

    other then a very quick clean that is it. as the heavens started to open. did spot a few things that need welding but they can wait for the time being and i will have the engine out and do it that way, along with fresh lick of paint.

    HID's sadly will be going.

    Pink ECU, although i did take a liking to it will be going a more OEM colour

    will also hunt down a coil pack/cam cover.

    right slight update as we had abit of nice weather and after coming back from PPC at Mallory park and having a couple of track slots i was all motivated to get cracking with mine, i obviously thought there was only a small amount of rust and was going get it just welded up but being French and me wanted it done properly first time round i had dig deeper.so today i took both wings off and bumper, HID's out, and a few other bits and pieces.

    the rust inspection tool doing its a magic (a screwdriver to me and you)

    bumper bracket came off with the wing at this point

    now got the trusty angle grinder out and started cutting (still needs more) the rust out, at this point i think i started losing some motivation after seeing yet more rust and holes over the front end

    also picked 2 replacement front wings with kit still attached from mr diy_gti as mine were completely shagged

    more cutting to come...

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    Re: My not so VW project

    The AXGT were crazy back in the day.... I remember driving one in the wet and changing up to 4th before we got traction... stupid power for such a small car...

    What power is this putting out?

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    Oct 2011

    Re: My not so VW project

    i just love them tbh, passed my test in one and had 4 currently on my fifth as we speak.

    power wise was 133bhp last time it was on the rollers, doesn't sound much but power to weight it surprises a few i must say

    i will also add the rest once ive skimmed over it so it makes some sort of sense to read

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    Oct 2011

    Re: My not so VW project

    Some more with quite a few pictures

    another day of pulling the kit off poking rust and its not looking to good at all tbh...

    the other side is just as bad.

    looks like this could be the end of this one tbh and tempted to strip all the good bits off and re-shell as its ALOT of work to save, unless i come across a miracle lol.


    picture less update really, metal sheets which have being kindly blagged from a old friend FOC and a MIG welder will be turning up at the weekend, any spec of rust will be ground away and treated and fresh coat of underseal will be given. so looks like she will be saved as i was in 2 minds to just reshell it into a newer pov spec but i am determined to save and bring it onto the track after the bug bit me at Mallory park

    well thought i would post a update as we have had a couple of nice days so i got cracking.

    right i might as well start with all the bad points, firstly my welder has been p*ss arsing around, telling me he will turn up at this so called and time and not bothering. so thought "f*ck it" got the welder, a decent mask and spent the day browsing the internet, watching videos etc on how to weld and started having ago until i was confident to attack the car.

    anyway another post of rust cutting and poking.

    Sneeky peek at the 16v'er.

    kit off at the side of the car, to see yet more crusty sections, not as bad the other side i must admit but isnt pretty at all.

    be hide one of the of the rear lights other side was fine thank god which i guessing is the rear window leaking in as i greeted with a little puddle of water in there.

    quick undershot.

    right at this point the weather opened so opted to do some smaller jobs as i dont have a garage (well i do but you cant get a car in it lol), so got the ol girl covered up and moved to something else.

    start with one pink powder coated ECU cover.

    Attempt to sand it off.

    get fed up of sanding and unleash the fire :twisted:

    after that the powder coating pretty much just fell off, to leave this a decent base :thumbr:

    think a quick sand and another coat is needed, looks rough but i think thats just the picture with the paint still floating around :tongue:

    moving on....
    cleaned the front bumper up and a piece of the kit.

    -jetwashed off most the mud and rubbish
    -soaked and scrubbed with all purpose cleaner
    - Rinsed
    - let dry and coated with 'Wolfs Nano Trim Sealant' (amazing stuff btw)

    Welding time

    right bear with me on this bit, i for one have never touched a welder in my life, but with the help of a couple videos and reading up on some forums and couple sheets of metal i thought i have a bash and tbh iam quite happy with the out come. yes it looks like pigeon sh*t and it doesn't look pretty but its solid.

    one of many patches patched up lol

    number 2 (tacked)

    drivers side inner wing in, not pretty i must admit, but for a first attempt at welding and making a inner wing outta steel, not to bad for a first attempt lol and most importantly its now VERY solid 8-)

    carrying on from my last post....

    other side...

    Bumper brackets.

    so as mine were like this :

    and with the saxo replacements coming in a £24 + VAT a side, i robbed some 2mm steel from a friend (free of course :shh: ) i made some of my own.

    yes your thinking, they don't look that pretty, your right haha but it serves a purpose and my DIY attempt id say are just as strong.

    at this point i had pretty much got the front end of the welding on the car sorted, so started laying down some protection while the weather was nice, so i got it all sealed and a lick of paint as a temporary cover.

    started with stone chipping some of the front end/ slam panel

    after the last picture i was quite impressed then once dried it looked gash! and would look nicer Gloss black i think, probably abit anal as your never going see any of it once the lights, rad and bumper put back on but mehhh!

    inner side of one of the wings which if i could get the rest looking like that id be pleased.

    and yes that is alot of sealer and doesn't look nice, but it wont be no show girl by all means but it serves a purpose, and il guarantee that wont rust there again any time soon and if it does il cut my arm off with a blunt spoon and eat it lol.

    Retail therapy time

    and to keeps things going i have been buying some goodies.

    first off:

    -Stainless steel cambelt cover screws
    -Stainless steel coil pack screws
    -12.9 Grade steel rear shock absorber / damper bolts

    next some Mintex drilled and groved discs

    and with my French tin box as strong as a coke can i purchased one of these from a very nice member on here

    which is currently powder coated black and being stored at my old mans work.

    and finally a top strut brace:

    stay tuned more to come :fro:

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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: My not so VW project

    the tin worm got a good hold of it good work on the welding dude ive never welded anything wouldnt mind a go one day

    - - - Updated - - -

    the tin worm got a good hold of it good work on the welding dude ive never welded anything wouldnt mind a go one day

    - - - Updated - - -

    the tin worm got a good hold of it good work on the welding dude ive never welded anything wouldnt mind a go one day
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Oct 2011

    Re: My not so VW project


    Re: My not so VW project
    the tin worm got a good hold of it good work on the welding dude ive never welded anything wouldnt mind a go one day
    nor have i, not a pro by any means but its solid and welcome anyone to come and try lol but its quite enjoyable for some very strange reason

    well i thought id keep this updated, not that we done much lol and apologies for the lack of pictures

    alternator back on and polished up abit.

    at this point i skipped on sticking the bigger rad on for the time being and just get the thing put back together and started as i had a few doubts.

    and as pink isnt my colour and having some sleeving/braiding left over from a previous computer build i put it to good use (left abit showing just incase). looks cool as fudge and will no doubt add 20bhp

    also purchased a Otto 1/18th AX Sport model ineapple

    so this is how she stands at the moment feeling sorry for herself :thumbdown:

    ryan worked his magic to get her running 8)

    so a quick video:

    as you can tell from the video, it sounds like a Derv lol no airfilter and the manifold leaking quite badly which was down to the OEM thin gasket. so ditched that and bought one from these guys BGA Automotive Exhaust Manifold Seal / Gasket MG2537 | eBay and that has fixed the leaking thank god [-o<

    this is how she looks now

    the GT kit will be going back once we have got some screws, we have found 90% of the clips which is a god send as well so will just buy the handful that we are missing

    body work wise, the front wings and doors have had a fresh lick of paint with the rear quarters will be treated next.

    None opening rear windows will be going in at the back which will be a ***** of a job as some say.

    but other then that its just being a matter of collecting and hunting down parts ready for a break in the weather.

    to do list

    - Bilstien group n suspension and springs/ lower the back end a smidge
    - Cage Bolted in
    - Seats and harnesses
    - MOT

    few other things as well which i cba type out but yeah that how it stands at the moment

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    Oct 2011

    Re: My not so VW project

    another tiny update as i had some time off work. (some people will of seen some this on the whatsapp group)

    as the weather started to be rather ****e i ended up doing some CF fog light blanks out of some 1mm carbon fibre sheet. and i must say its worse stuff to work with ever


    also bought the following: (£45 worth of plastic clips )

    i was tempted to stick the kit back on, but that would of been pikey as foook so did it properly.

    along with these


    brand new and at a steal of a price 8) but not fitted yet


    didnt get many pictures due to the rubbish weather but did take me a whole day to get one side on

    also finally took her out for a test drive :twisted: and for the AXOC police that are on here it was on my own private stretch of road doing 0-30mph runs :roll: and just fallen back in love with it.

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    4th Gear sparks3's Avatar
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    Aug 2011

    Re: My not so VW project

    Small, light, fast and fun. When the French knew how to build a motor. Kudos sir, those little GTs were awesome

    - - - Updated - - -

    Small, light, fast and fun. When the French knew how to build a motor. Kudos sir, those little GTs were awesome
    The worst thing about chocolate body paint is the bellybutton lindt.

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    Oct 2011

    Re: My not so VW project


    cant really say its a update really more of "look what i have brought" post lol

    first off a big thanks to everyone who has been on the whatsapp group for the advise, without i would be stuffed lol as i for one have never done any of this before so a first for me :mrgreen:

    anyway as the weather has been very **** just lately i haven't done much other then buy stuff so just a few of the goodies...

    service items from Opie Oils (highly recommend btw )


    Hel braided front and rear lines

    Shiney bolts along with new pinch bolts and with having the strut off anyway i went with new top mounts and bearings

    Mintex 1144's i was going go with yellow stuff pads but from the advise from other i kinda went with the mintex in the end :mrgreen:

    nipped over to Cannock as mark was breaking his AX and had these up for grabs,

    after a quick snatch and grab from mark and probably leaving his neighbors wounder if hes selling drugs i hopped over to Tamworth to pick up some OMP subframes and rushed back before the snow came in again.

    quick polish using Autobrite Enhance and hay presto!

    freebies from my old mans work 8) along with a few tools which i cba picture, but free stuff is awesome!

    Well first off iam total newb to all this DIY mechanic business,my knowledge spreads to as far as a oil and plugs change and thats probably about it, but anyway i always wanted to learn so i thought i would get stuck in. (again many thanks to everyone who helped with all the advise and banter from the whatsapp group)

    well fast forward a couple of hours (4 to be precise) ..

    i went from this...

    to this...

    along the goodies that have to go on:

    well time to start dismantling everything but i ran into a small problem, the collar that holds the strut in just wouldn't budge, after ALOT of swearing and alot of the word **** being used i finally got this ******* off

    shiney stuff going back on 8)

    at this point i gave everything a lick of paint because really i had naff all else do as it was actually nailing it down outside and at this point and no it was dark as well.

    Old off!

    New on!

    Painted with high temp paint

    more painted stuff lol

    and one strut done

    but i have a whole list of things to get done as i have oulton park booked for the 1st of march so fingers crossed i can get it finished :mrgreen:

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