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Thread: My OTHER not so VW Project!

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    Oct 2011

    My OTHER not so VW Project!

    Copied from my AX owners club post

    Our Citroen AX GT5

    Anyway cutting a long story short my dad has always had a soft spot for AX's and always wanted a nice OE GT or GTi. But when it came to buying one he is the sort of person who wants one on his door step which we all know rarely happens

    so this popped up on ebay:

    (original ebay picture)

    from the pictures in the advert i think a few people were abit worried about the mileage etc...but later that day and a few phone calls and messages later with the seller along with a HPI check etc... we decided to go a view it.

    now at this point driving close to 4 hours we are hoping it to be worth while as in the past car sellers haven't been honest or describing cars as MINT! when in reality its a rust bucket, but thankfully mark the seller was absolutely spot on! and all round top bloke.

    8 hours later its on the drive 8)

    obviously nothing happened that night as it was pitch black so we started looking through the folder of history that came with the car :o

    both of us were quite surprised at the vast amount of history with it, all the old MOT's, service receipt even the receipts for the bulbs & wipers which i was gob smacked at 8)

    Day 2:

    couple of daylight photos.

    Wilsys OCD is probably kicking in now :P

    couple of the underside (considering its ages its quite tidy imo)

    Boot floor

    fog lights look in pretty good nick too which is another winner! (one looks like to have the chrome reflector peal inside)

    yup i have sent the seller a message :mrgreen:

    probably the first time it has ever been cleaned in a long time has started today

    Snow foam with no agitation at all

    it was followed by a quick wash and de-tar which i didn't take any pictures of it because really no one is that bothered lol

    next up fallout remover (Autobrites Purple rain 2.0)

    quite bad for a car that has lived most of its life in London

    also managed to clay half the bonnet but with the amount of contamination coming off i am going need a few more packs of clays lol

    anyway pulled the lights out to see what its like behind.

    another thumbs up from me :mrgreen:

    and a quick shot of the them together ;-(

    Small update

    Nothing big has happened other then cleaning away the gunk to see what we have underneath in the engine bay

    Also ordered:
    New plugs
    Ht leads
    Rotor arm
    Distribution cap
    Ignition coil
    Air filter
    Oil filter
    Gearbox oil

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    Oct 2011

    Re: My OTHER not so VW Project!

    as much as we loved the wheels that came with the car , sadly they have been pulled off the car and replaced with these.

    Headlights off as they were seriously gunked up.

    more cleaning. a more intense clean will happen once the garage is sorted where it will be moved too.

    Another nice edition thanks to Paul/Onzo which are hard to come by these days 8) (ignore the dirty parcel shelf and interior lol )

    Right a Smallish update,

    New plugs: DONE
    Ht leads: DONE
    Rotor arm: DONE
    Distribution cap: DONE
    Ignition coil: DONE
    Air filter: DONE
    Oil filter: DONE
    Fuel Filter: DONE
    Oil: DONE

    we also managed to sort the garage out and the GT5 now has a dry home :mrgreen:

    right with it in the garage we can now start the rust hunting as every AX has some hiding somewhere so we started with pulling all the kit off to see what we are dealing with.

    with a quick wipe down i dont think there is anything serious this side of the car at all. a small blister which can be treated. but so far so good

    one thing that we did spot cleaning the dirt off was the letters WTE ? anyone have any ideas ?

    we have managed to get the kit off with 99% of clips in one piece. 1 had to be drilled out (which is expected tbh).i have managed to source all new clips anyway including the wedge shaped clips, as 1 or 2 are damaged.

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    Oct 2011

    Re: My OTHER not so VW Project!

    another small update:

    Front bumper off, sadly the headlight clips broke when removing (no surprise really) but managed to source a few new sets :mrgreen: along with wedge clips as i see a few of mine have broken or damaged when we removed them.

    haven't updated this is a while:


    wing off.

    just a quick clean up and its come up alright. will need a polish before reassembling and maybe a wax or a clear underseal (bilthamber)dont know just yet. but thankfully no rust

    probably noticed in the other pictures the black inner arches, it seems that it had some protection put on from when it was new which has probaly saved it that little bit longer from rust. but still iffy on black inner arches and would much prefer the white imo but we will see. (Sprayed with Autosmart Tardis and wiped it down)

    original brake ducts which are still intact 8)

    more dirt!

    sadly the trim broke on the other side when removing it which i am not surprised at really but hay-ho will source new.

    also managed to source a brand new rear GT badge after the original was stolen off the car when the previous owner had it , handful of wedge clips (which have mostly all sold), headlight clips as mine pretty much all broke from removing the headlights, new bonnet stay and bracket and a new genuine passenger side rear central locking solenoid to replace the dead one.

    small update:

    as i broke my roof trim removing them i have ordered some replacements ready to go on.

    another ebay bargain as the one on car has split or being bashed to many times...

    also my exhaust heat shield had rusted and the hose had started to fall to pieces, so new was ordered which surprisingly are both still available from the dealers

    New fog lights also!

    also thanks to wilsys AX thread i had to buy a plating kit and was quickly set up :mrgreen: . took a few goes to get the hand of it which a few would of seen the poor attempts in the whatsapp group woops! lol

    fresh out of the yellow passivate:

    another before and after (abit too long in yellow passivate but still a big improvement over the originals)



    and finally the latest piece which i have finished and was probably the largest piece i plated as well. alot of tinkering with the current controller to get a good even plate which is the hardest part in my opinion. not perfect but certainly a improvement 8)

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