Shakra Keto: it is always a good idea to eat a large breakfast and slowly lessen food intake as the day progresses. All these are healthy food items that are good to start with. This naturally controls your emotional, physical and spiritual needs and hence you are able to say no to overfeeding, laziness and poor feeding habits without strain and be on the path of losing weight. In your efforts to seek healthy weight loss, you must not lose your health. It’s natural for anyone trying to lose weight to want to lose it very quickly. Weight loss is particularly risky during these growing years, so do not attempt any kind of weight loss until you have consulted with your medical doctor. Lean muscle developing and fat loss signifies a healthier body along with a healthier you! What about the saturated fat in coconut oil? Its easy to maintain the status quo, change is hard. Join in to this amazing call as Andrea presents her inspiring Herbalife story.