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Thread: Worthersee 2016

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    Worthersee 2016

    After mine and Sparks little trip to Wolfsburg in September, talk soon turned at the last meet to what the next euro trip would be?

    Scoobie shouted up the Worrthersee show in Austria as one he's always wanted to do
    With the 2015 show being in May we decided that we would look at attending the 2016 show, which would give people plenty of time to plan and save some pennies

    Obviously no date has been set for the 2016 show but they tend to be at the beginning of May and last for 4 days, but with plenty of stuff going on in the week leading up to the show

    Below is a link to the website for 2015 show
    Home - Woerthersee 2015

    Here some info i found on Facebook on the 2015 show

    basic info:
    worthersee is a lake in Austria with the main meet areas being velden, Reifnitz and faker see.

    people usually gather a week before the actual official show and attend various meets and gatherings, a lot of people bring pop up chairs and line the streets watching the various cars parade up and down the road whilst enjoying a beer in the sun all being well and The Shell petrol station at Selpritsch is always an iconic photo/meet area, trips on the lake, water sports and other indulgences are available, this is Austria and the scenery is spectacular.

    show now confirmed 13th-16th of may, but its a known fact that all the excitment starts the week before the actual event with meets parties and general shenanigans happening all over the lake, all the main companies from the vag world sponsor this event and usually use it to show off new products and concept cars etc

    but its not just the event in Austria that draws people year on year, it is how you get there, something about driving your vehicle across belguim, Germany, France, and Austria route dependent of course (and to be decided) with your fellow compadre's, appeals to the car enthusiast.

    driving highlights, for the brave?
    take in the nurburgring ( or watch just as fun) on the way down or on the way back, 5km tunnels through mountain terrain!! for those with a sweet engine tone and of course the autobahn, there is the Porsche auto museum, the famous alpine roller coaster also for the brave and many others

    Just putting this out there at the moment to gauge interest etc

  2. 1990 Scooby powered T3 My Daily + 15 Polo Wife's Daily - Need any welding Drop me a MP

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    Chatter Box tatt's Avatar
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    Mar 2012

    Re: Worthersee 2016

    I'm up for it

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    4th Gear sparks3's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2011

    Re: Worthersee 2016

    I'm in. Might even have a new heart in the Golf by then

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    Re: Worthersee 2016

    All new here, not even local! I'm in Ayrshire (Scotland). I am tentatively thinking 'bout this show and was maybe going to post on the Corrado forum to gauge interest, it's a hell of a long haul from up here with no easy way across the water, I've looked at ferries and the tunnel but it is extremely time consuming and costly just to get off this island. This excursion would need to be our annual 2 week holiday as it is not feasible to do in a week or so. I have been to Worthersee and holidayed in the area, not at the show though unfortunately. It is beautiful part of the world and Worthersee itself is remarkably high end, moneyed stylish folks and fancy cars! Weather not always perfect but the lakes are spectacular and the locals welcoming and friendly. Roads are generally better than the UK but speed limits a little lower. The German Autobahns are fun at 125+mph but this requires a high degree of concentration, not at all relaxing!! PM me please if this are pulling together and we'll see what happens.

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    Re: Worthersee 2016

    like you said the best part of the show is usually the week before the date of the actual show... most of the older boys meet up before and leave due to the loons turning up on show day...

    I'm putting myself down as a maybe for now...

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    Re: Worthersee 2016

    I went for the show last year it was amazing. Wanted go this year but funds wouldn't allow but I am up for goin again next year just need a vw.

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    Re: Worthersee 2016

    1100 miles from Stoke to Worthersee

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    Re: Worthersee 2016

    I'll never make the mistake of goin through France again either tolls every 25-30 miles and 8-15 euros a time, Got very expensive came back through Germany no tolls at all and that's autobahn where u can do +120 if u feel like it

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    Re: Worthersee 2016

    I would be up for it!

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    Re: Worthersee 2016

    I think the show is on the the 4th-6th May but the week before supposed to be the best week go

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