Titan Engineering now build all of Limebug's Signature Motors
Note: this price is for our base level Monster series motor, it is not the exact one you see in the image
We build three key levels of Motor, Original, Hurricane and Monster. These engines are built only by qualified and certified engineers and boast the best in the industry practises and components.
All engines are built from 100% premium new parts, all core parts are blueprinted and balanced, prior to installation.
Price is for a base level turnkey motor. Exact specs can be discussed with us in person, via e-mail or phone.
Specs for this Price include:
AS41 Dual Relief Auto Linea Case
044 Hi-Velocity Cylinder Heads
AA Pistons & Barrels
Forged I-Beam Con Rods
Cut to Length Pushrods
Billet Push Rod Tubes
40IDF Genuine Weber Caburetors (All IDF,Delortto and IDA carbs available)
Forged 4340 UltraStrength Crankshaft
Ratio Rockers (1:25,1:40)
Doghouse 36HPOversizefanshroud+ fillers (All pemium heavy tins)
Welded Fan
New Genuine Dizzy Drive and Gear
Mahle Main Bearing Set
Mahle Con Rod Bearings
Elring Gasket Kit
Serpentine Pulley System
55 Amp Alternator w Built in Regulator
Screw on Rocker Covers
Hex, Bellcrank or Sync Link Linkage
Alternator Stand
Fuel Pump Block Off
Tapped for full flow
Performance Lifters
All newguides and valves(several sizes available)
009 Electronic Ignition Distributor
HT Leads (8mm Helicore)
Oil Filled 40,000 Volt Coil
Coil Clamp
Bosch / NGK Spark Plugs
Exhaust standard (Stainless GT Twin Tip)
Flywheel (Optional)

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