Line bore and thrust cut refer to the longitudinal and lateral machining process carried out on an engine case when components have gone beyond tolerance in free movement in either dimension. The process of using CNC machining can recondition a worn case back into full operable use.
We offer a service for customers who already know the relevant cuts they need and one for customers who do not, we will cut the smallest amount of material possible if not stated to maintain maximum longevity of the engine case.
Cases must be provided fully stripped and as a split case to avoid additional costs. All units are photographed before work is carried out.
Cases are not subject to swarf cleaning in the shown price. We recommend to use a paraffin bath and suitable hydro jet to remove debris from the case post cutting.
Please be aware if a case is beyond tolerance or unsafe to use we will inform the customer and this will be subject to a non-refundable £25.00 surcharge.

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