Beef up your SuperBeetles front end infinitely with this super high strength strut-brace.
A very popular modification on many other classic and performance cars, now avaliable for 1302 & 1303 'Super' Beetles!
Strut-braces drastically reduce body flex by securing both suspension strut top-mounts to one another. By reducing flex the body becomes stiffer, and the car will handle better in hard corners and fast manouveres. From FastFab, this strut-brace is manufactured from an aluminium centre-bar, steel end plates and plated steel Rose-joints. Very high quality, this braace is built to perform, and look good under the bonnet on your 1302s, 1303 or 1303s!
does not fit beetles with Torsion-beam front ends.
fully width adjustable and comes with all parts to complete installation.

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