Description: Rancho T2 ''002 Freeway Flyer'' Gearbox for '68-'71 T2.
A standard strength gearbox but fitted with a special high ratio 4.57 Ring&Pinion (same as later 2.0 ''091'' gearbox) to reduce engine RPM at higher speeds. Ideal for early vehicles with performance Type1/2 engine. Supplied with Late Clutch tube so use later clutch. Without ''Ears'' on bellhousing, and short T1/1600 input shaft, for 68-71 models
An additional Exchange Surcharge (£425) is charged at sale which is refunded on return of old unit in rebuildable condition. 12-months Parts warranty Fitting Info If 68-71 model then you will need to update to the later clutch type Metrics 4.57 R&P
Short 1600 input shaft
Late clutch release
Bellhousing without ''Ears''

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