These spring plates are sold in sets and are the best that money can buy and are definitely recommended for all extreme performance and racing applications! This is not an exaggeration like a lot of other companies claim. Simply put, our Racing Drop/Raise Plates are overbuilt and are guaranteed for life! If you can break it then we will replace it with no questions asked, much like a high quality tool. The proof is in the parts:
The Spline Stubs are 2.0" in diameter and are made from 4340 chromoly steel. Then they are grind finished and welded to spring-plates by our certified welder. The spring plates are 1/4" thick, laser-cut, grade 50 tool steel, which makes them extremely robust! After they are welded they are then heat treated and certified so that they reach the perfect hardness while still retaining their ductility. These plates come standard in translucent red powder coated finish (matte black available by special request). They also come with their own laser-cut brushed stainless steel badges that set them apart from anything else in the world! We have Drop Plates and Raise Plates for all lengths of torsion bars available now. You can choose from 1” up to a 3.6” drop or raise. These plates come with all of the hardware necessary to install on your VW headache free. A set includes two Drop Plates, four new bushings, and heavy duty stainless steel socket-cap screws.
These Spring Plates are for cars with 26 9/16” long Torsion Bars and IRS C.V Jointed back ends. (1303, 1302 Beetle, Late Type3/Ghia etc.). Ideal for Baja's/Buggy's, where the High-Lift look can be achieved without extensive suspension modification.

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