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Front Kit
Our Air ride kit use what we call through rods. These allow the suspension to travel upwards of 10". Thats a significant improvement of 3.5". What does that mean? It means that the suspension can travel up and down more to smooth out the ride. For instance, if you fall into a pothole that is 4" deep with stock suspension, you car will drop on that side 1/2" meaning the whole car will move. With the addition of our through rods, it means that this particular wheel will fall into the pot hole and rebound without the entire car feeling it. Just like a brand new car. They can be shortened as well, but you will need to take equal increments on each side. They utilize a thrust bearing on the outer portion of the assembly to allow for fluid motions up and down. There is no longer a need for the factory grub screws when installing these rods. With this exact kit, a welder is needed to weld the shock relocaters to the beam to allow for the taller billet air struts that come in the kit.
These also allow the Bus to get as close to the ground as possible. A 220 amp Mig welder or a Tig welder is recommended for this installation. This can be done with the beam on the bus but is recommended to weld off of it to weld both sides. The relocaters have multiple holes to allow for an exact look or failsafe in the even of failure due to an act of god. The kit contains 2 Shock Wave 7000 Black Series Struts, 2 laser cut upper strut mounts w/ hardware, 4 delrin bushings to create a frictionless surface between the control arm and the front beam, 2 torsion spring replacements with hardware and bearings and fittings. If you have a narrowed beam, you might need to modify the inner frame well to create clearance so that the air bag does not touch any metal. Do I need to run Drop Spindles to get it as close to the ground as possible? Yes. However, the early spindles require you to press the original ones apart and flip them. It might be a good idea to replace the king pins and link pins if they are worn.
The Type 2 Bus, Double cab, single cab, panel or camper, 1955-1967 have a king and link pin suspension. The factory Bus's allowed for 3.5" of suspension travel at stock height with stock torsion style suspension
Why an Air Ride Kit?
Are you tired of the stiff ride? Are you looking to have an adjustable suspension with a flip of a switch? Are you dragging you car everywhere you go? Can’t get into your driveway? If any of these questions pertain to a need that you have, then the Complete Air Ride Kit is your answer.
Installation/Tech Articles
Type 2 Bus Front Air Ride
Should I install them or have a licensed mechanic install them? If funds allow, have a trained technician install them. Better to have them make sure everything is right and you will not be second guessing yourself. If you are educated and have the correct tools, a back yard mechanic can install them but we do recommend you have a professional take a look after you are done.

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