These Air ride shocks fit 1949-1965 Standard Beetle and Ghia only. If you want to have true air ride for better ride quality and lift, you will need to purchase our through rods and our shock extenders that allows the car to go about 2-3 inches lower and work as seen in our videos. They will not work on the rear of an Air cooled VW.
You will need the conversion fittings to hook up to a compressor and tank. They can be found here.
We do not give out the specs on these shocks, sorry. They come with a schrader valve to fill up with a home compressor or gas station. If you want to have an on-demand system, you will need an air management system like this one.
Common Question - Will these work on the rear of the Volkswagen? The answer is NO. They can bolt up but they will not be ale to lift the girth of the vehicle. You can add more pressure or even remove the torsions and it will leve about 2 weeks on the life of the shocks. Bottom line, do not waste your money. They might do something but the length of time that they will do it will be like throwing away money.

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