The latest in the CNC Port line-up. If you want the edge on the competition, these heads are just what you need! Maximum flow equals maximum horsepower! We have several engines running these heads, that are making over 200 hp on the street! 044™ Wedge Ports are available in 90.5/92mm and 94mm Bore.
044™ Wedge Port Cylinder Heads feature Stainless Steel Valves, CNC Porting, Dual Super Rev Springs, Chromoly Retainers and SUPERGRIP™ Valve Locks. CB's Wedge Port Cylinder Heads are also available bare!

Sold in Pairs - Specify Camshaft & Rockers when ordering!

90.5/92mm Wedge Ports - Same head as the award-winning 94mm Bore Wedge Port, but with a 65cc Chamber Volume. Valve sizes of 42x37.5 and 44x37.5 available. For High lift applications, the 650 Valve Spring option is available allowing Valve lifts up to .630" lift.

Super Pro Option Info Below
We pulled out all the stops on this one! This all-new port design focuses around high port velocity and smaller size. The 044™ Super Pro has a 6cc smaller intake port than it's closest counterpart, the 044™ Wedge Port.

This smaller intake port results in 35 feet per second improved port velocity. Higher port velocity results in greater drivability, with increased power and torque. This is the perfect head for street cars, bracket race cars or turbo cars. Available in 94mm bore with 44mm intake and 37.5 exhaust valves.

Ultra Mag Option Info Below
S/S valves, CNC Porting, Dual Super Rev Springs, Chromoly Retainers, and Hardened Valve Locks.

All ULTRA MAG Plus Cylinder Heads feature full CNC Porting. The intake ports flow 120% more than stock VW cylinder heads. To handle the extra flow capabilities of the intake ports, the combustion chambers are also CNC machined for maximum power and flame travel. Spark plugs are secured in re-located 12mm spark plug bosses for increased strength and durability. The exhaust charge is accelerated through the CNC Machined exhaust ports.
Based on the same 044 Castings as the rest of the 044 line up, ULTRA MAGS have been taken to the highest level of performance with CNC porting.

Standard features include: 3 Angle Valve Job, 42 (or 44) x 37mm S/S valves, chromoly retainers, hardened valve locks, dual super-rev valve springs, silicon bronze valve guides, nickel chromium alloy valve seats, and CNC Porting.
ULTRA MAG Plus Cylinder Heads (sometimes referred to as Oval Ports) are race ready and offer maximum HP potential for ultra high performance engines right out of the box! We do it all, just bolt 'em on! Option: All heads are available w/Titanium Retainers at added cost
Sold in Pairs - Specify Camshaft & Rockers when ordering!

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