Listing for the titled engine re-build kit,
Volkstroker & Volksracer Race Ready Engine Kits
This Kit is Race Ready and Engineered for Increased Horsepower and Pre-Clearanced for Longer Stroke Cranks, All kits come with torque referance guides, and remember if you need any help our team is always on hand to offer advice at every stage of your engine build.
Further options available at request, Complete Race Ready kits also available.
For futher details of specific components or to upgrade any aspect of a kit along with pricing, please contact the team.
NEW Nitrided chromoly Forged crankshaft (Optional)
NEW Forged H-Beam rods (Chevy or VW journal)
NEW Stroker AS41 dual by-pass engine case
NEW 'D Port' polished dual-port heads
NEW 3/8" cut to length chromoly pushrods
NEW Crankshaft Gear Assembly Kit
NEW 40-piece Engine Lock Nut Kit
NEW Universal Engine Case Hardware Kit
NEW Adjustable O-Ring aluminum pushrod tubes
NEW 4140 chromoly 8mm dual-port cylinder/head stud kit (Optional)

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