Kits Contains
2 gallon tank, 2x 30 foot rolls of 1/4" line, 1 set of 2 manual toggle valves with double needle air gauge, PSI switch with harness and relay, Viair 280c Air Compressor and a fitting pack.

If you have a 6 volt system, you will need either a 12 volt battery to run the system or change over your ride to 12 volt. We usually mount them on the opposite side of the master cylinder on the wing under neath the gas tank. This allows the compressor to get air and lesson any noise that can be had with them. We usually install the tank underneath the back seat so they can be hidden. This is not a must as anything can be installed anywhere you would like. An adjustable pressure switch along with a 12v Bosch relay and harness also accompany the kit and allows you to adjust the speed and consistency of air management system. This switch send a signal to the compressor to come on at a certain PSI so that you always have air in the tank when ever you need it. Its what we call, ON DEMAND. Each kit contains 1/4"" hose. You might ask, why do we use 1/4"line. One word, LIABILITY. Everybody that is in the mini truck industry, use 3/8" or 1/2" maybe even bigger line to make there vehicle lift fast or even hop. These kits will not take that kind of abuse. If you attempt it, the parts will fail, so use at your own risk. Your 2 valve kit will allow you to lift the front of the vehicle up and down as well as lift the rear up and down. This kit uses manual valves, air goes in as you lift the toggle up and when you depress the toggle, air comes out. This kit is outfitted with a dual need gauge to monitor pressures.

These kits will fit just about anything that has some space.

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