Kits Contains
Includes the following: 2x 2500lb Air bags, 2x Doetsch Tech lowered shocks, Mounting Brackets, Cross bar, Bump stops, Hardware and Fittings

They have 2 articulating joint also known as CV Joints. When these cars are lowered, the camber is half of that of the earlier beetle's. You need some skills to install this kit as it is the most difficult. Super Beetles, AKA 1302's, also have this style rear suspension. Welding is involved and it is recommended that you have the body off for this installation to go in nicely. Why, you might ask? Ease. Its tough enough trying to work on your back, you don't need to install an air ride suspension on your back. If you have a hydraulic lift, this makes the job easier but, it is still easier to install the kit with the body off. A certified welder is recommended to ensure proper penetration of your welds. If you are not certified, please take it to one of our installers or a certified welder. 220 amp welder is recommended although a TIG or stick welder can do the job as well. Please, do not use a 110 amp welder to install this kit. It does not have the correct amperage to make the weld penetrate. If you want to run heaters, you will need to modify your heater boxes to do this. Slight notching and rerouting of the tubes are needed.

These kits fit the 1969-79 Beetle/Ghia, Replicas, Dune Buggies, Things and Super Beetles

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