The CB Super Case comes ready for assembly. We begin with a brand new case, and inspect each one in our Machine Shop, to insure it meets our rigid standards, prior to beginning the transformation into a Super Case. After installing Steel Mandrels in the Crank and Cam Bore, we torque the case halves to factory specs. Then, each Super Case gets a special magnesium plate welded behind the #3 cylinder bore, to add strength, and prevent cracking. Next, each case is clearanced for stroker cranks, using two dedicated mills, and then finished by hand. Last but not least, we bore the Cylinder Bores to your choice: 88mach, 90.5/92mm or 94mm. We can drill the case for full flow at an added cost. We use only the latest O.E. AS41 Dual Relief Universal Cases, and install the Large German Type Pick-up tube, for ultimate oil flow.

A Super Case will speed up the assembly of larger engines. For example, you will be able to "drop in" CB #1154 and #1289 when you use a Super Case. Additional grinding, cutting, or other machine operations are not required. Universal cases are equipped with rear mounts for use in late vans.

NOTE: Please specify bore size when ordering a Super Case - (88, 90, 90.5 - 92, or 94mm).

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