T1 CB Crossbar Linkage 40 - 48 IDF & DRLA Carburettors:

Tired of that junky slip and slide Taiwan linkage? CB's new linkage correction kit provides you with mechanically correct, precise throttle control.
It's all-new and features the same one piece air filter/linkage bases as our award winning offset manifold/linkage kits! Our 100% American made throttle linkage is beautiful and functional.
It eliminates double stacking of the air cleaner base to the cross bar mount and Mickey Mouse filter clips.
This linkage kit works with all 4 1/2" x 7" OD air cleaner elements which are available in Heights from 1 1/8" to 9".
Filter elements (gauze & foam), air cleaner tops, and mounting hardware are all available separately. Includes filter elements and tops.

Product Code: 10090110
OE Code: 6485
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