Air Bags B20 MOA Twin Bellow (Single Port) Dual Pack (1x Pair)

The Ultimate in Air Ride Suspension Parts

The MOA B20 Air Bag, features a maximum restrained pressure exceeding all on the market still holding at 600PSI, sidewall holding at below 7" operating pressure.
The Ultra Strong construction will maintain a narrow expansion body at all operating pressures. Webbed internal and external construction featuring a square sidewall. The rubber compound is over 4x thickness of equivalent dimension air bags. This bag is often used for A-frame custom contructions, heavy lift applications and load level.
Safe cycling upto 250PSI.
Pressure (Bar) 1 3 5 7
External Diameter 158.2mm 162.3mm 165.5mm 168.5mm
Load (KN) 1.604 4.120 6.720 9.380

  • Maximum Extended Height: 10.6″
  • Compressed Height: 2.8″
  • Maximum Diameter: 7″
  • Maximum Load at 100 PSI: 2,108 lbs.
  • Port Size: 1/2″
  • Top Fastener: 3/8"–16
  • Bottom Fastener: 3/8″–16
  • Mounting Hole Center: 1.75″ – Top/Center/Bottom

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