T1 & T2 Pre 67 Wheel Accessories Bundle

This kit includes.

1x Set of 4 Pre 67 Stainless Steel Hub Caps

,These are top quality stainless steel hub caps for early Beeelts and Splits. Fully polished to a chrome shine, no more rusty hub caps!

1x Set of 4 Ribbed or Smooth Beauty Rings

, Made from Stainless Steel Metal, universal fitting, will tidy up any scuffed wheels, or provide a really nice chrome trim, can also be used as insert rings to sit just inside the lip of steel wheels. These are restoration quality and made from metal not plastic. Made from a single piece of Stainless, formed into shape and polished to a show-worthy shine.

1x Set of 4 whitewall Toppers

, The Toppers fit inside the tyre bead of your existing tyres. These toppers can be transferred from wheel to wheel when the tread wears out. They allow the use of modern tread tyres, while still being able to have a vintage look. These are also easily cleaned using WD40 or equivalent.

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