T2 Titan Through Rods (For Air Ride and Coilover Applications)

Aircooled VW front torsion & through rod suspension components

Titan Engineering Super Strength Through Rods are the ultimate solution to setting up your front Air or Coilover front end correctly. Some companies will try and sell you a long piece of studding as an adequate solution to securing your entire front axle together. If you like spending time in hedges, or being overcharged for Taiwanese parts, this part is not for you.
The Titan Through Rods are manufactured from two solid Steel Bars, turned to the correct length for the application of your choice, then we machine the free-rolling ends and mount to ultra high tensile machined shoulder bolts, These have a deep 'V' tape to allow a strong pinch from your grub nut and any position around the rotation of the shaft. We then loctite this in position and Use a pinch grub nut which sinks below the surface and secures the pin for extra peace of mind.
Lastly we machine the central dimple pickup point, the same as with a torsion leaf stack. By manufacturing the rods in this way you can still use the standard grease seals.
This listing is for one set (two rods).
Through Rods Explained

All narrowing is "true" narrowing. This means that the leaves are chopped exactly from original width down. If you fit these through rods be aware they are designed to work with grease seals.

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