Digital Tire Inflation Kit - 200 PSI

2.5", 200 PSI / 14 BAR Air Pressure Gauge

Read pressures up to 200 PSI and 14 BAR. The Digital Tire Inflation
Kit features a normallyclosed air gun that can be opened by simply
squeezing the inflation trigger. Because this tool is a normally closed type, the Tire Inflation Gun works with all Onboard Air Systems with an air tank. The included blue backlit digital pressure gauge reads in PSI, BAR, KG/CM & KPA scales.
Please Note: To be used on Portable Automatic compressors only. Not for use on regular portable compressors.
- 2.5", 200 PSI / 14 BAR Air Pressure Gauge
- Integrated Bleeder Valve for Pressure Adjustment
- Folding Lever Air Chuck
- 12" Rubber Air Hose
- 30' Polyurethane Air Line with Quick Connect Stud & Coupler
- Deluxe Carry Bag Included

Product Code: 30010079
OE Code: 00044
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