T1 (-65 Front / -79 Rear Beetle) T2 (1954-67 Split Screen Front / Rear) Standard COFAP Oil Damper

Aircooled VW OE Oil Premium Quality Dampers

Shock Absorber for Standard Height T1 1950-65 (Front Only), All T1 Rear, T2 Split Screen (1950-67) (Plus listed Models in Compability)
Each shock absorber is built to the highest quality in the industry.
This OE quality oil dampener is made for the following applications:
Model: COFAP
Type: Oil
Style: Eyelet (Upper), Eyelet (Lower)
Sleeve Material/ Colour: Black
OE Code: 13513031G
Compatible with:
- T1 Beetle (1950-79) Rear Only
- T1 Beetle (1950-65) Front Only
- T2 Split Screen (1950-67)
- T3 Ghia (1961-74)
- T34 Razor Edge (1961-74)
- T3 (All Variations) (1961-73)

Product Code: 30030029
OE Code: 13513031G
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