Switchspeed Controller (Black Anodized)

The SwitchSpeed™ Controller offers all of the standard functions that you've come to expect from a traditional switchbox, but that is where the similarities stop.
AccuAir's proprietary Advanced Burst-Control Technology™ allows you to choose between three different modes of adjustment; Precise / Moderate / Full Speed.
The burst speeds for each of these modes are user-tunable. Although the SwitchSpeed™ does not offer preset heights like the e-Level™ Controller;
it can easily be upgraded down the road. Handheld or mountable,
the SwitchSpeed™ Controller gives full manual control over each Air Spring individually as well as front and rear Air Spring control in “pairs”.
The “All-Down” button fully deflates the vehicle for parking at your currently selected valve speed.
It includes built-in compressor control feature that is enabled once the optional tank pressure sensor is plugged in

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