After years of research and testing, along with the help of Manton Engineering, CB Performance is proud to announce the arrival of our Aluminum Super Duty Pushrods.

CB Performance Aluminum Super Duty Pushrods are manufactured utilizing newly developed top secret alloy, thick-wall aluminum tubing. The tubing is finished off with a T-6 heat treatment to make this the strongest VW aluminum pushrod to date. Add micro-polished, case hardened, chromoly tips and you have a true Aluminum Super Duty Pushrod.

Aluminum Super Duty Pushrods expand and contract just like the original stock pushrods. This allows you to set your valve lash to stock specifications and it keeps the valve train noise to a minimum.

CB Performance Aluminum Super Duty Pushrods are 3/8” in diameter for added column strength. This allows you to run VW dual valve springs with over 400lbs open load pressure without the added weight and noise of chromoly pushrods.

Reduce valve train weight and noise, without compromising performance, with a set of CB Performance Aluminum Super Duty Pushrods!

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