36hp Doghouse Fan Shroud w/o Vents (Cad Plated):

Fashioned after the VW 36hp Fan Shroud with the added cooling performance of the late-model doghouse cooler

Designed and engineered to work! - Contoured correctly to fit AS21 & AS41 engine cases

The original '9' Internal Air Directional Vein aftermarket manufactured Doghouse Style Shroud

Standard '7' Vein non-doghouse Shrouds & throttle cable is located in the proper location

Heater models w/wedged ducts and internal air scoops designed for maximum air flow

Mounting fasteners for Doghouse Exhaust Tin & shroud is internally clearanced for late wide model doghouse fan

Show-Car Quality Chrome Plating or special 'Paintable' finish for custom color applications

Don't be fooled by cheap prices - bad fit & poor cooling - insist on the BEST!

Thick-gauged steel construction
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