A lot of Motoring Law is published online in various places. Here is an assortment to help decode some of the posts in this forum:-

The Highway Code - The standard for driving. This is the best organising document for seeing which laws apply to which rules. It is not law to follow it, but it might support a charge of careless driving not to.

Road Traffic Act (1988 ) - RTA(1988 ) - This defines many offences including the common ones below.
Be aware its amended here - Road Traffic Act (1991) - RTA(1991)
- Dangerous / Careless driving (S1,2)
- Must obey road signs (S36)
- Requirement to have a licence (S87)
- Requirement for insurance (S143)

Road Traffic Offenders Act (1988 ) - RTOA - This defines the process for dealing with offences including the need for Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP).

Traffic Signing Regulations and General Directions (2002) - TSRGD
This defines the signs that can be used and those which MUST be obey on the road. It is a Statutory Instrument (ie the order of the Minister), but is grounded in law in RTRA (1982) and RTA (198. It's a disaster to read in it original format. Good luck.
- Warning signs and associated pics
- Regulatory signs and associated pics
- Road markings and associated pics
- General directions - dull but often contains good info

Road Traffic Regulation Act (1984) - RTRA
Defines speeding offences and the requirement for signage, as well as a number of other offences.