I have a Wagon R whose IDV is 1.71 lacs. I met with an accident a few weeks back and the expected cost of repair is 1.53 lacs.
Now according to the statement mentioned in the insurance policy (the one highlighted above) this is a case of total loss. But the insurance company (Future Generali in my case) says that it will be a total loss only if their liability exceeds 75% of IDV. But the clause hasn't differentiated between their liability and my liability.
So my thing is that how can they fool me so openly, aren't they afraid of IRDA? If I am wrong then this clause should be explained a bit more in future in the policy books.
So can anybody help me out on this? I will be really grateful for anyone's suggesstion on this.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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