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Thread: Headlight Upgrade

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    Headlight Upgrade

    Here is a guide for upgrading the headlights of the mk1 as they are like candles in the wind

    What do I need?
    1. A Relay with 30-amp switching capacity
    2. Quality fuse holder
    3. 20-amp fuse
    4. Blade connectors, blue & yellow type
    5. Ring connectors to connect to the battery
    6. Yellow in line butt connectors
    7. 20-amp cable
    8. light duty cable
    9. Cable Ties & Insulation Tape





    Instructions for a mk2, the mk1 is similar

    If your car has dim dip i.e. when the sidelights are on and the engine is running the headlights also glow dimly, you will need to disable this. On a 1992 8v MK2 Golf GTi this is the two yellow wires that come from the coil fitted on the chassis below the headlight. It is about 10cms long and has a white plug that connects near the bottom of the air-box. Simply unplug this. If you don't disconnect the dim dip coil the headlights will light (not dimmed) when the sidelights are on. N.B. You don't need dim dip to pass your MOT.

    In front of the battery and behind the headlight you will see the loom that goes to the headlight bulb. Switch on the ignition and put the headlights on (not main beam) now using a test light or multimeter identify the wire that is showing +12 volts, now turn off the lights and check that the 12 volts no longer registers. Mark the wire and repeat this process for the other headlight. This wire was Yellow & Black on a 1992 8v MK2 Golf GTi but may not be the same on all Golf's. (Before proceeding further it is wise to disconnect the battery).

    You should now cut these wires leaving enough room so that you can connect to either end of the cut wires. The first wire that you cut (the one coming from the bulb) should now be connected via an appropriately lengthed piece 20-amp wire to terminal 87 on the relay. You can secure your relays in a multitude of ways, an easy one is to cable-tie them to the main battery cable. You will now need to connect another wire to terminal 87, which should then be routed to the other headlight. This wire should then be connected to the cut wire on the bulb side. The other end of wire that you have cut should then be taped back into the loom with insulation tape.

    Now the wire that you cut first that does NOT come from the bulb end should be connected to the thinner wire and then connected to terminal 86 on the relay.

    Terminal 85 then needs to be connected to a good earth, for example using the spare negative spade on the battery terminal.

    Terminal 30 should be connected via a 20-amp fuse to the positive terminal of the battery We would suggest using a ring terminal, as this will give the best connection.

    Reconnect the battery.

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    Re: Headlight Upgrade

    great mod this .

  3. V6 4Motion

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