Just got back from ABP Motorsport in Crewe where the Golf has been for the last few days. Just had a K&N 57i kit put on it and SuperChips installed too.

Called in at PowerFlow Crewe on the way home too to book it in to have a custom exhaust fitted, not got a date yet as they need to source a specific back box for me. hopefully it'll be during the first week of Jan though.

Next up is new speakers and amp to support the Pioneer headunit that it has at the moment. that will be followed with new brakes (probs EBC Turbo Groove and Reds Stuff pads) and braided lines and then front and rear strut braces I think.
Oh and I'll be getting the factory alloys refurbed soon too. The idea being that the car is going to look like a well kept (debadged) standard car but have a few tricks up its sleeve - should keep the Focus ST crowd honest for a while!!!!

I would have added a photo here but it was asking me for a URL for some reason, so I gave up sorry. it looks great though.

Stay tuned

Chris W