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Thread: Quick Project for someone?

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    Quick Project for someone?

    Anyone fancy a project?

    VW 1962 Splitty T1 Bus Van Camper Split Screen Bay LHD Restoration Project | eBay

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    Re: Quick Project for someone?

    I think If I had £15-20k spare I'd snap that up... if my numbers come up tonight, I will buy it as a "Staffs-VW" project

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    Mr Mk3 madmanmart's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Cheadle, Staffs

    Re: Quick Project for someone?

    What a shed

    Whoever buys that is a clown
    1996 Golf GTI 16v
    1997 Golf GTI (Track Car)
    1997 Golf TDI

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    Re: Quick Project for someone?

    I wouldn't go that far... I've seen far worse become show winners!

    It's perfect for a project if someone has the time and money as most of the parts come with it...

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    Re: Quick Project for someone?

    With a bit of filler, a spit and polish, it would be on the road in no time

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    Re: Quick Project for someone?

    Sh!t! Ive seen some bad ones but that takes the piss where would you start, there's not a straight panel on it

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