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Thread: good mechanic needed

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    good mechanic needed

    hi folks im new to this forum group so not sure if im posting in the right place ,
    my t4 2.5 auto caravelle developed this really fustrating problem about 6 wks ago and still cant find the problem so here goes :-
    i was driving back from chesterton towing my race car ,when all of a sudden it lost power and started popping back trough the airbox and wouldnt rev properly so managed to get it home
    when you start the van it runs fine until the engine reaches about 50 degrees,then the revs drop and it ticks over really lumpy almost like the choke was left on (if it had one),and wont rev properly and pop back through the airbox,
    so then we started fault finding ,ive had 3 diagnostic checks with no joy.
    we have replaced the temp switch because when this is unplugged the sort of runs ok ,fitted new one still the same,
    removed cat .checked fuel lines and pump ,fuel pressure is fine,compression test is spot on ,
    sent ecu to be tested and they said its fine
    its even been in a local garage for 2 wks and still no joy .
    but have now found that if you remove vacum pipe off the ecu and leave temp switch conected and start the van it runs rough and wont hold revs untill warm but then ticks over fine and revs great drives ok but still not perfect,as soon as i reconect the vacum pipe it plays up ,unplug blue temp switch its ok
    im at my wits end now
    so if anyone knows anything about these engines and vans or of good mechanic ,please help because im really missing driving my van
    cheers george

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    Re: good mechanic needed

    You should have a word with the lads at BVR they are our resident experts who know nearly everything there is to know about VW's

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    Re: good mechanic needed

    cheers for reply will give them a ring tommorow

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