Just wondering what is the worst car you have ever owned and why??

Mine was a 2000 reg vauxhall vectra sri. I loved the car when i first got it. It was comfortable quickish and looked good. Then after about 3 days found out the bottom end was shot. So i had a second hand engine fitted. Which blew up on my way home. So had a second unit fitted which was great till the head gasket went. Had it done and it was good again for about a month then it went again. So had it done again. Then a had coolent leaks and a small engine fire. The diff gave up so it has a second hand box fitted. Now was the mot. It failed on everything totalling about £600 so i payed it???? It would not idle or rev correctly and body work was bad! So i sold it for £200. Never again will i have a vauxhall!