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Thread: Selling the FR and moving on

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    1st Gear AndyFR's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Selling the FR and moving on

    Well the time has come, im selling my car (maybe PX her in for another car) been to look at a Seat Ibiza Sportrider 1.4 today from Stoke Seat but going to look at other cars tomorrow (friday) and i may even have a complete change and go back Japanese.
    I have had a wonderful 4 years of ownership but now with the purchase of my house i am seeing a massive burning hole in my wallet and my bank account just trying to keep her running with petrol, tax and insurance.

    So i am considering downgrading engine size with what ever i decide to have next.
    Thanks to the whole of Staffs-VW you lot are a great group of people i have ever met, if i get another seat or VAG car i certainly will still be on here, even if not i would still like to hang around or maybe even come and visit at the pub meets.

    Cheers everyone


  2. My Garage - 2005 Skoda Fabia VRS 1.9 TDI

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    Re: Selling the FR and moving on

    Just becasue you might leave the VAG group doesn't mean you have to leave this one matey stick around at least you will be able to take the pee when our VAG cars break down and your Jap one doesn't

    The Ibiza 1.4 is a good motor... Kerry loves hers and its cheap to run

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    1st Gear AndyFR's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: Selling the FR and moving on

    Hi Guys

    Just thought i'd let everyone see my new car im picking up on Tuesday, and unfortunately its not a VAG group car (so im expecting the P*ss taking lol ), fancied a change picked up an 11 plate Hyundai I30 1.4 petrol in Steel Grey got a really nice drive to it. Its done 12,400 miles but i only paid £7999 for it which suits me fine.

    Here are a couple of pictures of it

    I shall return soon into the VAG world but for now this will do


    My Garage - 2005 Skoda Fabia VRS 1.9 TDI

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    Re: Selling the FR and moving on

    Im sure we'll get around to the taking of the piss, Looks nice anyways!
    You wouldn't cut me up like that if I had an on board camera would you?

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