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Thread: MK5 Golf Paint Corrosion

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    MK5 Golf Paint Corrosion

    Not heard of corrosion on newer cars for quite some years but im told its common on the MK5. Mainly drivers side wing, is this right ?

    VW kindly relaced the wing for me under the body warranty which was good, was just a shame the elected bodyshop by VW was a bit pants at spraying the car

    See if you can spot the mistake

    Anyway had a bit of a moan and complain and it went back in to be correct, shame it was done correctly 1st time

  2. #2

    Re: MK5 Golf corrosion

    looks like a good colour match to the side but not to the bonnet.... but this is down to they've only been instructed to paint the one panel scenario... plus the paint fade of the bonnet

  3. #3

    Re: MK5 Golf corrosion

    Yeah i know, thing is that may be ok on a red or white car but doesnt quite work on pearl blue does it

  4. #4

    Re: MK5 Golf corrosion

    to be fair though you can only tell in the first photo and I think thats because it is in shadow...

    What have they said?

  5. #5

    Re: MK5 Golf corrosion

    Its was quite visable when in direct sunlight too, they agreed it was incorrect and corrected it hence the last 4 photos

  6. #6

    Re: MK5 Golf corrosion

    what age is the golf? I've not heard of any rust problems on a few of the model forums... where abouts was the rust on the panel so I can check mine out

  7. #7

    Re: MK5 Golf corrosion

    apparently its common, there is a foam block on the backside of the liner, this holds moisture and corrodes from the back of the wing, then you get blisters on the outside of the arch

    mines a 55 plate

  8. #8

    Re: MK5 Golf corrosion

    cool... I'll pull the liner out and check over the weekend if I get chance...

  9. #9

    Re: MK5 Golf corrosion

    mostly drivers side apparently

  10. #10

    Re: MK5 Golf corrosion

    TThe same is happening with our 2005 55 plate Leon. Need to get my **** in gear and go to Seat get it sorted.
    Arch gap is like a lady garden...the more fingers you can fit in the worse it is

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