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Thread: whats needed for a vr6 conversion

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    whats needed for a vr6 conversion

    ok peeps, ive got a complete vr6 passat with a sweet engine/box and im looking to put it in a mk3 golf cabby(still looking for the cabby) what will i need to keep from the passat to drop it in the golf.
    i believe the subframes are the same but if some one could confirm it would be a great help,ive also believe its a pretty easy swap, is this so
    thanks in advance

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    4th Gear georgevw's Avatar
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    May 2011
    rugeley, staffs

    Re: whats needed for a vr6 conversion

    theres a couple of lads on here with vr conversions mate, one of them will be able to help

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    Re: whats needed for a vr6 conversion

    If you have the whole car that makes it a lot easier transferring bits over to start with.

    What year is the Passat? Was it not worth saving? Not many vr6 passats on the road these days.
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    2nd Gear jimmyconway's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: whats needed for a vr6 conversion

    Vr gearbox
    Engine (obvs)
    Wiring loom
    Engine Mounts?
    Cable clutch swapped for Hydraulic.

    Is the cabby 5 stud?
    If so then I think you just drop the lot on the subframe and swap over.

    ECU will need immobiliser disabling.

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    Re: whats needed for a vr6 conversion

    passat would have been an easy save as only had rott in rear quarter panel but as ive got a mint tdi one i was looking to have something to play in for the summer.
    the vr6 is/was complete and cabby will be 4 stud. how do i get the ecu immobiliser disabled, will the drive shafts from the golf not just bolt straight onto drive flanges on g/box?
    having already swapped over engines in my tdi im hoping this job wont be to hard

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    2nd Gear Ash76's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: whats needed for a vr6 conversion

    The guys at "Dubstop" in Newcastle did my conversion (VR6 mk3 into mk2 jetta) and seemed proper clued up, give them a call 01782561618

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    Re: whats needed for a vr6 conversion

    just really need a gti rear beam for rear disc conversion

    i think the sub frames maybe different and you again may need gti ones from a golf

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    Re: whats needed for a vr6 conversion

    cheers ash ill give them a bell but as i live in brum might be a pain to get the parts to them

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    Re: whats needed for a vr6 conversion

    try midland vw then they are in cannock

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