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Thread: 1927 Ford Roadster

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    1927 Ford Roadster

    This just needed a thread of its own...

    When I talk about the “inception of automotive styling,” I probably should preface this with a bit of history for reference. The Ford Model A was built from 1927 to 1931, and was the successor to the outrageously successful Model T. The Model T holds a nostalgic aspect that is irreplaceable, but it’s intent was to function more then anything else, as Henry Ford had a particular disdain for cosmetic differentiation. Henry’s son took the helm, with a small team, to add a level of aesthetic appeal to the overall design. When it was completed, the Model A represented an evolution in considering the function and visual elements of a vehicle and how they could work in harmony with one another.

    More info can be found Here

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    Re: 1927 Ford Roadster

    not a fan of that at all

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    Re: 1927 Ford Roadster

    that is just sublime ! some serious work gone into that,and the attention to detail is superb.

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    Re: 1927 Ford Roadster

    If i could only ever drive one car for the rest of my life that would be it. Epic.
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    Re: 1927 Ford Roadster


    Incredible car, a true piece of art!
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    Re: 1927 Ford Roadster

    I believe if that model now come to the road it have awesome look than a new model of BMW. That fords look pretty awesome. I really like that amazing look.
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