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Thread: Top Gear India Special 28/12/11

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    Top Gear India Special 28/12/11

    Some say he’s a scourge of political correctness. Some say he’s a tormentor of Mexicans and cyclists. Some say he’s the worst advert for denim ever created. And now some say he’s a god. Last month, in India, it was reported that Jeremy Clarkson had been mistaken for an incarnation of the divine.

    “Yes, and these are the same reports that claim I’ve had Botox,” laughs co-presenter Richard Hammond. “I have to say I can’t possibly look upon Jeremy as a god.”

    However, to the British public Clarkson has long given the impression of omniscience, which is one reason why he is loved and loathed in equal measure. But in India, where Clarkson, Hammond and James May ventured to film Top Gear’s Christmas special, they were the subject of genuine fan worship.

    Top Gear is broadcast into more than 25 million homes on the subcontinent. That’s a lot of viewers… “and most of them turned out to greet us,” laughs Hammond. As ever, the Top Gear trio were up to mischief. “We wanted to do our bit to strengthen trade relations between Britain and India,” Hammond deadpans. “So we took it upon ourselves to demonstrate what a powerful nation Great Britain is by showcasing famous British brands.”

    With Clarkson at the wheel of a Jaguar XJS, May driving a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Hammond in a Mini Cooper, the most unconventional trade delegation in British economic history took two weeks to drive a thousand miles, visiting some of India’s major cities.

    “The people everywhere were incredibly warm, but the roads are unbelievably dangerous,” says Hammond. “It appears you can drive on either side of the road, regardless of what direction you’re going in. It’s absolutely terrifying.”

    More dangerous than the roads is the standard of Indian driving. “People in India are extremely knowledgeable about cars. The problem is when they get in them they become lunatic.

    "There’s plenty of overtaking, often with two cars overtaking at the same time. But Mumbai was the worst. The traffic jams during the day were crazy. So we couldn’t work out why we were told not to drive at night. But it transpires it’s because nobody bothers to use their lights. So there are lorries hurtling towards you on your side of the road without lights.”

    Hammond also reveals that this year’s special contains a new ingredient – emotion. “We experienced some powerful moments,” he says. “At one point we were playing cricket with the locals and were bringing the cars into it. It started off as a joke but then the whole thing became moving because the locals are so endearing. “India gets to you. It’s why we left thinking it was the most bonkers yet wonderful place we’d ever been to.”

    Top Gear gets emotional in India | Radio Times

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    Member t1m's Avatar
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    May 2011
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    Re: Top Gear India Special 28/12/11

    nice one mate nearly missed it

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    Member t1m's Avatar
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    May 2011
    in the garage

    Re: Top Gear India Special 28/12/11

    straight six cricket was ace ,and also eat english muff lol.

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    Re: Top Gear India Special 28/12/11

    Some awesome laughs!! Both the train banners are great!

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    Re: Top Gear India Special 28/12/11

    Just watched it..........to be honest i thought it was trash. Same as every other road trip with the messing with each others cars and Hammond getting the hump....and at the end everything turned out great. Yawn....time to re invent or give it up.
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    May 2011
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    Re: Top Gear India Special 28/12/11

    missed it gutted im going to download it on the I player

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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: Top Gear India Special 28/12/11

    went the cinema to watch the new girk with the dragon tattoo instead
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Top Gear India Special 28/12/11

    A Top Gear special in India was "offensive" and full of "toilet humour", the High Commission of India (HCI) in London has complained.

    The 28 December special featured jokes about food and trains and a Jaguar car fitted with a toilet seat on its boot.

    The HCI has written to the BBC after it was contacted by "too many people" who were "very upset" by the programme.

    The BBC, which received 188 complaints about the show, said it would respond directly to the HCI in due course.

    In the letter, published in the Daily Telegraph, the HCI criticised a lack of cultural sensitivity and called on the BBC to take action to pacify those offended.

    One Indian diplomat told the BBC News website: "People are very upset because you cannot run down a whole society, history, culture and sensitivities.

    "India is a developing country, we have very many issues to address, all that is fine but it is not fine to broadcast this toilet humour."

    He added: "There are many parts of the programme that people have complained about.

    "It's not only Indians, it's also our British friends - it goes much beyond."

    The diplomat cited an "offensive" banner placed on the side of a train - reading "the United Kingdom promotes British IT for your company" - which read quite differently when the carriages were parted.

    And he also criticised a scene in the programme which showed Clarkson taking off his trousers at a party to demonstrate how to use a trouser press.

    Showing off the customised Jaguar, complete with toilet roll on its aerial, presenter Jeremy Clarkson said on the programme: "This is perfect for India because everyone who comes here gets the trots."

    In April last year, a Top Gear episode which caused controversy with jokes branding Mexicans lazy and feckless and comparing Mexican food as "like sick with cheese on it", was cleared by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom.

    The show attracted 157 complaints but Ofcom said Top Gear was well known for its "irreverent style and sometimes outspoken humour".

    The HCI spokesman said he had yet to hear back from the BBC and added: "In the letter, we did convey our disappointment because we have a long-standing relationship with the BBC which is one of admiration and co-operation."

    "I look forward to seeing some response from them."

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