I just switched from an iPhone to a Galaxy S5 this past Monday. I transferred all of my music from iTunes to Google Play and have no music or files in the Galaxy music player. Yesterday, I downloaded a ringtone from Google Play but I'm unable to get the ringtone in my phones ringtone library. If I go into the Google Play player, the ringtone is there and I'm able to play it.

I have done multiple Google searches and watched YouTube videos and could not find any remedy. What I have found says to go into the Galaxy player to make a song a ringtone but all my music and the ringtone I downloaded is in Google Play and I don't know how to get the files into the Galaxy music player. There's no option to make a copy of the ringtone or file. When I go into the phones files, the ringtone is not available under downloads, music, or ringtones. I downloaded ringtone maker and I still can't get the ringtone there?

Please help.

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