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Thread: Facebook Timeline

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    Facebook Timeline

    Its not been released to the public yet as they are testing it out with certain people... But so far so good, better features, easier to navigate and with the option to go back right to the date you joined FB too....

    Public release is end of the month I think...

    Timeline is intended to shift your Facebook profile page from the current “snapshot of you” to something akin to a scrapbook of your entire life. It will surface what it perceives to be your most important Facebook activity (based on likes and comments) from the entirety of your time on the site, with an easy year-by-year guide on the side to sort through the timeline. And yes, the guide does include a spot for “born” — time to start uploading your baby pics.

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    Re: Facebook Timeline

    very snazzy how did you get this then /???

  3. Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Facebook Timeline

    it will all be public over the next week or so when they release it...

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    Re: Facebook Timeline

    Its coming in the near future but for those that want to get it before the masses then follow these simple steps


    Click "allow"

    Click "create new app"

    Name it whatever you want, and give it whatever namespace you'd like -- it doesn't matter.

    Click the checkbox "I agree to the platform privacy policy."

    Click Continue, pass the security check by filling in the Captcha

    After you've verified yourself as a human, you'll need to click "Open Graph" on the left side.

    You'll see the next screen, entitled "Get Started with Open Graph" -- fill in anything you want (it doesn't matter) in those fields under the heading "start by defining one action than one object for your app." Click Get Started.

    On the next screen, do nothing except scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes and Next." Do the same thing on the next screen

    You'll be taken another screen. Wait a few minutes, and then go to your Facebook homepage. That's where you'll be invited to enable Timeline.

    Be patient at this point -- sometimes it requires you to wait before the changes take effect.

    When you go back to your Facebook homepage, you'll see this. Success! Click Get It Now, and you're in

    Once you've done messing around click "Publish Now" at the top of the screen

    Job Done

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    Re: Facebook Timeline

    I have the Timeline since it was announced, and I really liked it. It will be more fun when timeline apps will debut. Frankly saying, it could change the way we use social networks. Some could found it difficult in starting, but it is really the next big thing.
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    Staffs, of course.

    Re: Facebook Timeline

    Facebook appears to be rolling timeline out in New Zealand for now. Facebook finally rolls out Timeline feature... but only in NZ ? The Register

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