The first trailer for Top Gearís Big Christmas Patagonian Adventure has landed so enjoy the cheekiest of tasters for this festive seasonís second-most-anticipated telly event.

As youíre no doubt aware, the Patagonia Special will be a two-part affair, with part one screening on BBC Two and BBC Two HD at 8.30pm on Saturday December 27, with the second installment arriving the following night at 8pm.

The double-header will see Jeremy, James and Richard attempt a 1600-mile epic journey through Patagonia to the most southerly city in the world, ferried by a trio of distinctly ropey sports cars.

Itís a monster journey that you may have heard a little about already. Now, we know weíve been accused of gentle hyperbole in the past, but believe us when we say you really donít want to miss this one.

Watch the trailer here