Hi guys,

Long time lurker first time poster. I've got an A3 3.2 that I bought a couple of months ago. One of the two catalyst converters has since gone and the garage I got it from are paying £750 towards fixing it. I've taken it to BVR, always excellent I must say (particularly when I snapped a spring on the previous tdi), who diagnosed it and priced me up a new cat. A genuine Audi catalytic converter unit is just over £1k plus fitting and new lambda sensors may also be needed. I have also looked into getting a used cat but finding one is proving very difficult.

So I'm looking at aftermarket options. Milltek don't do a system that includes cats for the 3.2, there is a magnaflow system available in the US but I can't find a UK supplier. Anyone have any experience of local custom exhaust places? I've read mixed reviews about powerflow stafford, not read much about the one at crewe (1stopmotcentre) or the one in leek (silver systems). The guy in leek reckons that a full custom exhaust system with 2 new cats, fitted, will be considerably less than just the Audi part. Just wondering if anyone has any experience and can say what the quality is like?

Love the car, just annoyed to be resetting the check engine light every 70 miles! I'm not looking for the cheapest solution, the Audi part just seems somewhat inflated in price and seems to only be available direct. You can easily get new cat's for 2.0 tdi's and tsfi's for less than £300 online where as the 3.2 one is over £1k - yes I know mine has two cats but that is still quite a premium! I like the idea of a custom exhaust as long as it's not too loud, discrete but quick!