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Thread: What bike carbs ??

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    2nd Gear Bking Rob's Avatar
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    Jul 2012

    What bike carbs ??

    Got a 2.0 8 valve Golf engine to get running but no intake manifold or carb . Was gonna run bike carbs on a custom built intake manifold ........any suggestions on what carbs would be a good choice ?

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    1st Gear
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    Nov 2012

    Re: What bike carbs ??

    I personally wouldn't stick bike carbs on a 8v no point it needs at least a 16v head then u could use 1200r carbs of a kawasaki. U only use bike carbs when u need more fuel/ air. I think injection throttle bodies would be a much better idea plus it's a lot easier to do and less money.u would not c that much of a gain in power from just fitting carbs and there is loads u need to change to get them fitted and run. If u wanted go down the bike route just fit a 750 or 1000 bike engine

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