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Thread: EOS - Brake Failure /Hissing/Won't Depress

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    EOS - Brake Failure /Hissing/Won't Depress

    Can anybody help to clarify what this problem may be caused by? this happened to me this morning....
    Car drove normally to local petrol station, after filling up, drove on my way, went to brake, brake pedal went hard and not able to press down, making a hissing noise which stops when pedal released, no foot brake at all working, needed to use hand brake to stop the car all the way back home. Need help asap as need car sorted today for work ans school run!!!!
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Cheers in advance, Kris

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    Re: EOS - Brake Failure /Hissing/Won't Depress

    I'd check

    fluid levels & hoses to see if anything is a miss...

    No warning lights?

    If all seems well I'd speak to a pro...

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    2nd Gear DENTOUT's Avatar
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    Jan 2013

    Re: EOS - Brake Failure /Hissing/Won't Depress

    Hi sounds like ypu have an air leak or more specifically a vacuum leak at the servo, your servo is there to assist braking performance so that minimimum effort is put in and maximum force is put out to the brakes.
    Id check the vacuum pipes to the brake servo.
    To check the servo is working correctly, an easy test is to sit in the car ignition off, pump brake pedal untill hissing stops, put foot hard (ish) on brake pedal as you start engine, the pedal should sink slightly as the engine creates vacuum.
    If this doesnt happen then there is almost definatly a vac leak or servo issue.
    Hope this helps?

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