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Thread: Oil problem any1 help?

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    Nov 2012
    brierley hill (dudley)

    Oil problem any1 help?

    Hi all every now and then on my golf mk4 20vt the oil light will flash on till I turn car off it says check oil pressure ?

    Ive been told the strainer in the sump r common is this right? Vw told me this

    others r saying my oil pump is on its way ? garage

    i believe top 1 and I'm hoping this aswell as my engine runs smooth as anything and never had problem
    but wen I brought the car the sump was cracked and looks like some1 has put some sort of dum dum weld or summat on it I'm guessing many some has gone into the sump

    is there any problems with oil,pressure on these engines

    i men I had the car a month now only ever came on twice ??

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    Nov 2012
    Heath Hayes

    Re: Oil problem any1 help?

    There are known issues with the 1.8 20v Turbo engine in the Passat as it has a smaller sump capacity due to the engine orientation. As there is only about 3.5L of oil in the system this leads to sludging issues if the correct fully aynthetic oil isn't used and changed on time.
    You are likely to get the same problems in a Golf if the oil has been run lower due to leaks or a poor service history.
    As you say the best thing to do is get the sump off check the strainer. If I was driving a 1.8 20vt engined car I would have an oil pressure gauge on it to monitor whats going on.


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