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Thread: Blacksmoke remap

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    Blacksmoke remap

    Anyone got experience of doing this?


    can get the default map for my car too in case its already remapped or i don't like the remap (plus 7 days trial i think)


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    Re: Blacksmoke remap

    looks like hes a guy in a shed kind of operation.... his website is made from a cheap DIY job from a site which costs less than £50...

    Expect no warranty if you buy from someone like this even though he lists one... you don't even get a phone number to contact them... so you basically hand your money over and hope to get a remap in return...

    My opinion is that your always better off having someone to deal with face to face... at least that way if you have any issues you can head back to them to rectify them. emails and phones calls can be a pain plus dealing with a reputable company has its benefits.

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: Blacksmoke remap

    looks ropey if you ask me ode!!!!
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Blacksmoke remap

    Finding people to get a good remap from is a black art.

    95% of companies dont do a remap they just sent your files away for somebody else to play with and when you have problems it's not easy to sort. Had this problem and ended up loosing the remap money plus parts i had to buy that they said were causing the problem so got stuffed for £200 and had to pay another £245 for a live remap to sort it out.

    Best place to go is where they do a live map on a rolling road as you know if there is any issues straight away and they can normaly sort them plus you get a better map.

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    4th Gear georgevw's Avatar
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    May 2011
    rugeley, staffs

    Re: Blacksmoke remap

    why not try dave on here, or i would recommend cc tuning in burton as he did top job on my old bora an few of my mates cars also heard great things from midland vw

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    Re: Blacksmoke remap

    Just wondering if its worth trying it. £35 + £15 for a cable and my mate will try it on his too.

    Will get original map and default factory map too. So can always go back

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    Re: Blacksmoke remap

    Hello chaps, new around here, first post in fact. I registered because I searched around Google for "Blacksmoke review" and this is one of the first threads that came up in the results.

    I only registered to reply to this thread to be fair. Just wanted to offer another opinion. The chap at BlackSmoke is called Andy. Gave him a call a few days ago to enquire about remap and he answered all the questions I asked. I also searched around for some other reviews and came across a few posts on other forums such as this one, and this one. Have also seen a few examples of where people have managed to screw up their ecu by not following the simple instructions (and they are pretty simple, half a brain and you should be fine) and Andy has posted out a temporary ECU and/or cable to help people out. I thought he sounded a pretty genuine guy, so I went ahead with the purchase of the remap.

    Remap was easy enough to do and you can feel the difference. A smooth and progressive power delivery. I've had a few remaps on previous cars, some to offer maximum power gains, some to offer slightly more civilised power gains. The one I got from Blacksmoke took a 130bhp PD engine to 162bhp. Now I know you can get around 170bhp (quoted anyhow) with some remaps and a rolling road BUT (and this was important for me) they often mean a new clutch, extra wear on your turbo etc etc. I didn't want that. I wanted something to shove my car down the tarmac a little better, and it did just that. Most remaps seems to quote around the 160-165bhp mark for a 130PD engine. As I say, it's smooth and progressive. The turbo seems to spool up at very slightly lower revs, peaks slightly higher and keeps going for a little longer through the rev range. There's no drama with it. I previously had the same car running at 178bhp and that dumped all the power between 1850 - 3200 rpm. It was BIG fun to drive, because it kicked you back into your seat but you're putting components under a lot of strain. I wanted to drop the power back a little and smooth out the power delivery. This remap did just that.

    Oh and by the way, the name Blacksmoke is a little misleading. I don't get any with the remap I bought.

    So the reason why I'm posting? Well this thread came pretty high up in my Google search results and it seemed to cast a poor light on Blacksmoke, even though nobody had any personal experience of them. I thought this may help offer a more balanced view. Not associated with Blacksmoke in any way, other than I used them last week.

    Would I recommend to a friend? Yeah, I see no reason not to.

    If you guys ever see sense and decide to buy a Skoda, drop on over to Briskoda and say hello to me. Now I'm off to browse around the Passat B5.5 section of the forum to see what Skoda changed on my car.

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