Posted this to BVR too, wondering what the general advice is

Been having a nightmare with my golf. steve113 recommended I got on here and asked what you reckon?

I've just paid £90 to PSI tuning to have a diagnostic and to have my actuator adjusted as it was overboosting.

Anyway, in terms of what i've done to try rectify the problem.

Had the turbo cleaned out and actuator replaced end of last year by rtech
Changed the glow plugs
Change temp sender
Changed MAF sensor to genuine
Cleaned out EGR using carb cleaner and dishwasher (lol) but i got a bit scared by the inlet manifold - it could do with a clean!
Changed vac lines
Changed n75 as it snapped (grr)

I cant find any error codes on vcds lite, and i'm guessing psi would have checked too.

So it seems to shudder when held on 2k revs. Psi said it was like a mini misfire? But yeh, MPG is my main gripe, I can only get 50/nearish if i go 50mph in 6th. If i go for 60/70 on a run i look at more like 42mpg.