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Thread: Single Mass vs Duel Mass

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    Single Mass vs Duel Mass

    Interesting to see people views on

    what are the differences between a single mass flywheel and a dual mass flywheel?

    are theyre any performance gains from replacing a dual mass flywheel with a single mass?


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    2nd Gear Alistair_TDI's Avatar
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    Re: Single Mass vs Duel Mass

    I don't think there are any performance differences between the two, but with a DMF there is supposed to be less vibration and transmission noise. The downside is well known, DMF's aren't very reliable compared to SMF's, as they are a lot more complicated and have moving parts..which break.

    I've driven my DMF Ibiza and my brothers older SMF golf, engines are almost the same and I don't notice more vibration or noise in the golf, they're the same...

    So when mine goes (either clutch goes or DMF breaks) I'll be doing a single mass conversion. Much cheaper than an expensive DMF and I prefer older simple reliable things than modern complicated unreliable ****. They love to try and reinvent things that don't need reinventing.

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    Re: Single Mass vs Duel Mass

    as alister has said im tempted to do the SMF convertion on mine i know harry has done it on his
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Single Mass vs Duel Mass

    i had a SMF conversion (g60 flywheel) and vr6 clutch on my octavia when it went
    Car drove much better
    SMF is lighter and spins up quicker then the DMF
    good read here

    for a derv, if converting to a SMF, it will chatter alot more then a DMF

    Bits to stick on

    Old kit removed (The smell of burnt clutch is HORRID..thought might as well break it before taking it in...it totality went just as I rolled up outside garage :rofl:

    Oh bai fooked clutch

    Oh bai DMF
    What I dont understand is people who buy fast cars, but then watch their MPG all the time - If your going to have a fast car like that, then you wanna be able to drive it fast and not worry about MPG.

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    1st Gear Donut Boi's Avatar
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    Re: Single Mass vs Duel Mass

    Dual mass is meant to take the snatch out of pulling away as well as lowering vibration and noise like said. Dial mass's were first used in high power cars to take the stress of other parts e.g gearbox, cv joints etc

    Now most if not all cars after 2008/9 have DMF and many before this, as a dual mass dampers and moves it becomes a were and tear part unlike a SMF which is lifetime this now makes a clutch and DMF around £1000 at most garages with around £350 to £600 being the cost of the DMF

    Selling parts daily and seeing the cost of parts like these I can see in a few years were a clutch change on a car with a DMF will outseed the value of the car.

    Some of the early cars fitted with Dmf's have SMF conversions and others you can do with flywheels from a different model.
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    Re: Single Mass vs Duel Mass

    I hear it better to run sfw and it cheaper to put rite but I'd keep with what it comes with as it better when you come to order new clutch I know a lad that's just done sfw on a 1.8t lump haven't seen it go yet but will let you know if it works

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    Re: Single Mass vs Duel Mass

    Any ideas what clutch would be in the up?
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    Re: Single Mass vs Duel Mass

    Not sure what clutch he running but I can find out he got massive air lock at the mo so it's not working lol

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